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Let the games begin

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 6:11PM by Jasminilly 0 Comments -

SomODELing mAddness Sooo lets get real im getting older and paused on alot of projects that ive been doing maybe its beacause of my annoying bf or me entirely who knows but what i knw is that im back. I feel free and secured now at this point im ready to make some videos again! so once i start up my modeling deals and so forth i'll be ready!!


Bare Minerals- love hate relationship.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 8:15AM by Jasminilly 0 Comments -

I love bare minerals! alot of my friends though do not due to the messy powder that cvan get anywhere and cauase all kindas of havoc. buff,tap,and swril its exactly what ya need to do.When using this product correctly you can create beautiful radiance all over your skin!I always try to choose the most natural high quaility care products for my skin without breaking the bank.I love o go cheap but when it comes down to certaint things you do not want to go too cheap.I have a small membership with bare minerals and i love the new ready palletes! i never used the loose mineral eyeshadow beacuse i felt it was a bit much. When you start using bare minerals always learn how to use it and what colors fits right for you face like i use golden deep in original when i should be using it in matte to give me a great finish look.Original gives me this weird ashy look if i put too much on but thats the greatest thing about bare minerals a little goes along way,it simply gives a soft natural look when your doing it right and you can even sleep in this makeup with out breakouts! its simply great! lol but there is always a love hate factor for me the pros out wiegh the cons.bare minerals starter kit with membership lolz there is another brush!


Fall Nails

Wed, 10/12/2011 - 9:02AM by Jasminilly 0 Comments -

I want to a do tutorial on fall nails.I was inspired by bubzbeauty fall nails they were very abstract and beautiful giving a wonderful water color look. so i wanted to give it a try. i basically did the same thing except no trees for me heheh. when i see fall i think of all the piling and falling leaves along with those beautiful burnt colors and the indifferent golden skies.I used alot of colors but it was extremely simple.Like bubz i didnt have use any pro nail tools i used my led pencil to create the dots being completely inspired by art it was relaxing and great hopefully i can do a turtorial on it soon! soo stay tuned and check me out on youtube!

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